• Uncapping Scratcher Fork For Hives

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: HFORK

    The Little Giant capping scratcher will remove any caps leftover from an uncapping knife. Simple to use, the stainless steel points will fit right under the caps to pry them off and allow access to honey for extraction.

  • Harvest Lane Small Backyard Beekeeping Kit

    Model: WWA-107

    Beekeeping is a safe, fun, and rewarding experience that can be a hobby or a way of life. With Harvest Lane Honey’s simple all-in-one kit anyone can set-up a hive for beekeeping the moment the bees arrive. The hive components are 100% painted & assembled and ready to go. Includes: (1) Outer Cover, (1) Inner Cover, (1) deep hive body, (1) Top Cover, (9) Deep Frames with Plastic Foundation, (1) Bottom Board, (1) Entrance Reducer, (1) In-hive Feeder, (1) Smoker and smoker fuel, (1) Hive tool, (1) Bee brush.


  • Little Giant® Beekeeping Veil with Built-in Hat

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: HVEIL

    The Little Giant Beekeeping Veil with Hat will keep you protected while inspecting and working with your hive. The hat and veil's one-piece construction makes this veil a quick grab-and-go option to get out to your hives without any fuss. The hat keeps the veil a proper distance away from your face to prevent bee stings, and there are no seams to inhibit your visibility.

  • Little Giant® Plastic Queen Excluder

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: QEPL

    The Little Giant Queen Excluder prevents the queen from producing brood in the honey supers. Precisely measured holes allow the worker bees to move throughout the hive while preventing the queen from moving upward out of the brood box. Made of injection-molded plastic, the queen excluder is easy-to-clean and lies flat on the brood box.

  • Little Giant® Hive Smoker Fuel

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

    The Little Giant® Smoker Fuel is an efficient addition to your Little Giant Smoker. To light a smoker, stuff a handful of fuel loosely in the bottom of the smoker and light it. Puff the bellows to fuel the flames and when it is hot, pack in more fuel, gently puffing all the time. The objective is a cool, thick smoke. Keep the smoker filled with fuel as you work the bees. Low fuel will lead to emission of sparks.

  • Purina Mills AntlerMax Breeder Textured 17-6

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife

    A complete, nutrition-packed, 16%-protein, pelleted ration designed to be fed as a complete feed to deer and elk in confinement. It is also suitable to be used as a creep feed and weaning ration for elk calves and deer fawns. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information on this and other products.

  • Brown Top Millet Seed

    Browntop Millet is a warm season annual seed crop. Browntop Millet performs or grows best in well drained soils.  Browntop Millet seed is a great choice for dove fields, duck plots, quail, turkey, pheasant, deer, food plots and exotic bird feed. Browntop millet can sprout within five days of moisture. 50# bag.

  • AntlerMax® Deer 20 with Climate Guard Deer Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife Model: 59SB

    Our most popular 20%-protein pelleted ration designed to support the deer’s natural forage diet. Specifically formulated for what free range deer require to support overall health, reproductive performance and antler growth. Now with twice the amount of our proprietary AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein Technology* which helps deliver high concentrations of amino acids needed by the growing antler. Also contains our proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral Technology including organic trace minerals for replenishing depleted bone material stores used during antler mineralization. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information on this and other products.

  • AntlerMax® Extreme Energy™ Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife

    Enhances body condition of deer so they can reach their optimal genetic potential for antler growth. This proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral Technology provides an optimal nutritional mineral package for antler development including AVAILA® 4 organic trace minerals for replenishing depleted bone material stores used during antler mineralization.

    Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • AntlerMax® Professional Hi-Energy Breeder 16

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife

    An optimal-energy Deer Chow® diet is now available with AntlerMax® Technology. It is a highly researched patented protein and patented high-energy pelleted complete ration (containing all necessary roughage) with a 16% protein level. It is formulated with all the protein, vitamins, minerals and energy penned deer need for top overall health, body condition and maximum antler growth. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information on this and other products.

  •   Boater's Dog Parka by Avery Sporting Dog

    The culmination of Avery's 10 year's experience making dog vests and listening to suggestions from thousands of waterfowl hunters!

  • ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent Refills

    ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent Refills come in a variety of quantities.

  • ThermaCELL® Holsters

    It's easy to buckle or clip on repellent using Appliance Holsters from ThermaCELL®. Holsters fit all standard-size ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances.

  • ThermaCELL® Mosquito Appliance

    Used with or without the optional All-Purpose Swivel Light (LED clip light) and Holster with Clip, this ThermaCELL insect repellent appliance with Earth Scent is functional gear for hunters. It is the only butane-operated mosquito repellent and cover-scent system.

  • MOJO Bug Shot

    Insect Repellant. 

  • Purina® AntlerMax® Deer Block

    Manufacturer: Purina

    18% protein, water-resistant, fortified, year-round supplemental feed block designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet without the need for a feeder. Purina® AntlerMax® Deer Block contains the new Purina® AntlerMax® Extreme Energy™ supplement which provides nutrition for body condition of deer so they can reach their genetic potential for antler growth.