• MouseX™ Rodenticide  

    MouseX is a safe, easy to use, and 100% effective solution for unwanted mice. It is perfect for both professional and DIY use. The product is safe to use around livestock and pets. MouseX is 100% naturally derived and has no special requirements for transport, handling, storage, or disposal. It is fully biodegradable and does not create any environmental pollution!

  • Enforcer® Roach Ridd Powder

    Manufacturer: Amrep Inc. Model: RR16

    99% Boric Acid formula provides long lasting control of cockroaches, ants, and silverfish. Easy-to-use applicator makes it easy to apply in cracks, crevices, wall voids and other places where insects hide.

  • Pure Rice Bran Oil

    Manufacturer: AniMed Animal Nutrition & Healthcare Products

    A pure all natural oil with no additives. Rice bran is one of the only few natural sources for the newly discovered vitamin E complex called tocotrienols. Tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from damaging free radicals. AniMed’s Rice Bran Oil is recommended for horses of all classes as a balanced source of energy, calories, vitamins, and fatty acids.

  • Miller Manufacturing Medium Double Door Wire Crate

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

    The Pet Lodge Medium Wire Dog Crate fits dogs up to 50 pounds. This multifunctional crate easily adapts for home, travel, and training purposes. Removable divider panel lets you create a smaller space for your puppy (this helps with house training), then allows the crate to expand as your pet grows to adult size. Two doors provide flexibility in use and transport.

  • Starbar Quick Strike Fly Bait

    Manufacturer: Starbar

    With the active ingredient, Dinotefuran, QuikStrike® Fly Bait kills nuisance flies quickly and controls those resistant to carbamate and pyrethrin baits and sprays. Its homogenous formulation contains Z-9 tricosene to attract flies and can be used daily where flies are a problem.

  • Starbar Quik Strike Fly Abatement Strips

    Manufacturer: Starbar

    The QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip is specially designed to control nuisance flies. Flies are instinctively drawn to its curved design created to facilitate fly feeding. QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip has a large exposed surface area for flies to feed on and a unique active ingredient that kills flies in seconds.